Legend Buttes Photography

I am a horse-loving girl who is passionate about sharing the beauty of horses through photography. I have been interested in photography from a young age. My first publication was the cover photo for the Paint Horse Racing Journal in 2007. I am now the manager and photographer for the annual Legend Buttes Horse Sale. My husband and I reside on a ranch near Chadron, Nebraska.

I look forward to working with new clients to showcase the beauty of their horses. Whether you're looking for sales photos or keepsake photos of your heart horse, I can bring those dreams to life!


Robin is a blonde girl wearing a black cowboy hat. She is riding a palomino mare in a rawhide hackamore with her dog.

Photos and videos Sell Horses

Excellent photos and videos sell horses faster than any other type of marketing. With social media and online sales, let us help you create high-quality marketing materials so your buyers feel confident in their purchase! See our pricing and package options below.

Photo Package

Bronze: $100- 1 broadside conformation photo and 1 quarter shot.

Silver: $250- 5 Conformation Photos (all 4 sides & front quarter) and 1 action shot and 1 black background.

Gold $400- 6 Conformation Shots (all 4 sides, front quarter and rear quarter) 2 black background, headshot, 4 action shots

*Simplicity* $50- Choice between 2 action shots, 1 conformation shot, 1 headshot or 1 black background shot

CUSTOM: For large groups of horses with individual marketing needs, please call for pricing.

*Before the shoot, requests for additional images will result in an additional are $35/image

**Travel fees apply if farther than 30 miles from Chadron, NE. Call for pricing

Video Package

Copper $50- max 2 minute video (Basic instrumental music)

Bronze: $75- max 5 minute video (Basic instrumental music)

Silver: $100- max 8 minute video (custom music with main video OR tik tok/reel edit)

Gold $150- max 12 minute video, custom music choice and tik tok/reel edit.

*Simplicity* $25- Tik Tok or Reel video

**Travel fees apply if farther than 30 miles from Chadron, NE. Call for pricing

Travel fees/Additional Pricing info

I am happy to welcome you to our ranch for a photoshoot or travel within 30 miles of Chadron, Nebraska.

Ground Travel: 56 cents per mile over 30 miles from Chadron, NE and lodging if required.

Air Travel: airline tickets + lodging if required.

I have traveled to multiple states and as far as Florida. I am happy to come to you! If I happen to be traveling near you for a horse show or other event, I am happy to book a shoot with you to reduce your travel fees. Please call to ask about my schedule

Discounts may apply if multiple horses and/or customers at a single location.

Don't Miss a Moment..

Are you looking for a photographer to cover your event? From exhibitor shots, to candids and everything in between...Don't let a single moment be missed!

Event Coverage Package

Single Day Event: $400/day + Travel

Multi day Event: $750 + travel + lodging for 2 day event coverage. Additional days $300/day.

Book With Me!

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