Lizzie Silver Bell

By Poco Pablo San out of Sailing Lizzie May (Rimalito)

AQHA Grulla Ee aa D/nd2 6 Panel N/N 15.2 hands

"Nancy" is the mare everyone drools over when they come to see our horses. She is big, beautiful and has a heart of gold. She was born and raised her whole life as a working ranch horse on a neighboring ranch. She was their main mount for any ranch task. From dragging calves, sorting cows, roping, and long days, she was the pick of the remuda.

While her bloodlines may not have world renowned show records, her and her family are local celebrities. Her sire, Poco Pablo San, is coal black and one of the most gorgeous horses you will ever see. He was known for being able to bring cows into the barn at night during a blizzard all by himself. His rider would simply point him at the cow and hang on, allowing "Pabs" to safely herd the cow into the warm barn. He was also trained for search and rescue purposes. Nancy's Grandsire "Rimalito" earned his AQHA Superior in racing with a Speed Index of 98 and held a track record. Not only was he a talented horse, he was also gentle and kind. Cody's dad tells stories of Rimalito being shown by kids at the local fair in all events, halter, pleasure and speed events. He had all the athleticism in the world, but was gentle enough for anyone.

"Nancy" surely takes after the intelligent and talented horses in her pedigree. She has earned retirement from the ranch and we can't wait to see her foals!

She's expecting in 2024!

Grulla Mare with trees in the background

Lizzie Silver Bell by Poco Pablo San

The Magic Cross

Nancy and G6 will either produce a Black, Grulla, Grulla Roan, Blue Roan, Bay, Bay Dun, Bay Dun Roan or Sorrel! We can't wait to see this cross come together. We are excited for this foal as he will have size, bone and brains! Surely would make a tremendous rope horse. Nancy and G6 outproduce themselves every time.

Streakin G6 by Streak of Fling

Streakin G6

Streakin G6 is a proven sire whose foals excel in a variety of disciplines. His mind is unmatched and he passes that on to his foals. He is balanced with great bone and conformation. He outproduces himself every time. We are excited for this outcross and know the resulting foal will be able to excel in a variety of disciplines!